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You don't use a buffer or stabilising solution for the stool sample, how does it keep stable?

Our lab partners continously test stool samples in various transport and storage conditions to make sure samples reach them in the most viable state, and are confident that no buffer or glycerol solution is neccessary.

Changes in the composition of the stool sample can occur, depending on temperature and oxygen levels. However, these changes are minor and will not change the results or their interpretation in the majority of cases.

Our lab partners use transport and storage simulations to check this regularly.

Most buffer solutions either cause problems with the molecular-genetic analysis, or affect the results. Those effects can be stronger than the effects caused by transporting the sample.

Healthpath and our partner lab Biovis Diagnostik are constantly monitoring and improving the preanalytical process.

If a superior method becomes available, we won't hesitate to implement it based on the best scientific practice.