Why don't you offer blood tests?

We don't offer blood tests because we focus on gut health, and the best gut health tests on the market currently don't use blood.

We chose our tests because we believe they offer the most valuable and powerful information that our practitioners can use to get you great gut health. Currently, you can choose from:

These tests all shed light on the root causes of your symptoms that enable our practitioners to put together a protocol you can put into practice right away. While blood tests for things like vitamin and mineral levels can be very useful for gut health, we recommend using one of our tests first.

If you've already done one or more of our tests, and you're still having symptoms after going through your protocol, you might benefit from working with one of our practitioners one on one.

They may recommend blood tests for you, but you'd need to visit a clinic to have the blood drawn by a nurse or phlebotomist.