Where can I see my test results?

Our practitioners will review your test results and the results of your symptom survey to create your personalised plan. You'll find it on your dashboard.

Along with the personal note from your practitioner, you'll receive:

  • an easy-to-read report, with an overview of your gut health and detailed breakdown of all markers
  • expert advice, based on your symptom survey and test results
  • your personal health plan, food and supplement protocols to support your recovery

How to find your results

  1. Login to your Healthpath account, using your email and password 
  2. Your latest test results will be displayed on the first page, or via 'Tests' on the left hand side
  3. After clicking into each test, you'll have a ‘Practitioner Review’ in the main screen or on the right hand side
  4. Follow the steps in our guides below to find your personal, bespoke practitioner recommendations, and a summary report of your results

Can you post or email them to me? 

Unfortunately not. There are issues with formatting test results in print, which mean we can't send a print version of the results. 

However, most of our customers are very happy to access their results online in our easy-to-read report.