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What testing methods do you use for your stool tests?

Our testing methods use a combincation of culturing, qPCR and 16s RNA sequencing.

At Healthpath, we use a combination of culturing, qPCR, 16s rRNA in our Ultimate Gut Health Test.

At Healthpath, we use the following testing methods for stool tests:

This involves placing a stool sample in a petri dish and examining the bacteria that grow.

Quantitative PCR is a technique that uses short strands of nucleic acid (‘primers’) to initiate DNA replication. Fluorescent probes then allow real-time quantification of target DNA.

16s rRNA sequencing
All bacteria and archaea carry the 16s rRNA gene. This method detects polymorphisms in the hypervariable regions of this gene, enabling us to determine all bacteria present.

We use a combination of the above methods in our Ultimate Gut Health Test.

We also use the gold-standard immunochemical assays and near-infrared spectroscopy to assess inflammation and digestive capacity.