My doctor has told me that the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) test isn't valid or recognised, what shall I do?

If your doctor has told you that the SIBO test isn't valid or recognised, it's important for you to know that some doctors still don't accept that SIBO exists at all.

SIBO is controversial in mainstream medicine. While many leading doctors—especially in the US—have accepted SIBO as a common cause of IBS symptoms, others haven't.

We recommend that you ask your doctor how they are able to confirm that you don't have SIBO, and investigate their experience in this area.

The NHS has recently started to roll out SIBO testing in hospitals, and Healthpath now supplies SIBO testing to many NHS practices. After many years of GI specialists and doctors claiming never to have heard of it or that it did not exist, the evidence has finally taken our understanding of SIBO to the point it can't be ignored.

If you search 'SIBO' or 'hydrogen breath testing' and 'NHS' on any internet search engine you'll see that plenty of NHS trusts now offer the test.

Here you can find recent published medical research articles.

We hope that on seeing the published medical evidence, you feel you have the necessary information to focus on your next steps with SIBO.