I've worked with an alternative practitioner who said that my problem isn't in my gut, do you recommend testing anyway?

Every system in your body is connected, so while it's unlikely that your problem is 'just' in your gut, almost every health condition has strong links to your gut.

At Healthpath, we're very open to working with or from the advice of other complementary practitioners, and our practitioners take all of your health history into account when they create your protocol.

While any health condition is unlikely to 'just' exist in your gut, evidence is revealing more and more links between chronic disease and the state of your gut.

If you're experiencing digestive symptoms, testing can help you work out what's going on in your gut to cause those symptoms. But research tells us that a disordered gut is behind so many other conditions too: depression, arthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome and eczema are just a few examples.

Finding your root cause

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Your gut is the seat of the health of your whole body. When you balance your gut, the knock-on effects can transform almost any area of your health.