What do I receive with my test?

We’re proud to provide your test at the same price available across the market, privately through practitioners.

In addition, you’ll receive:
  • An easy-to-read report of your results
  • Personalised review of symptoms by our practitioners
  • Personalised health plan

In addition, you’ll get access to the following Healthpath support:
  • our Help Hub, with all the answers to your questions 
  • our live customer support groups, twice a month
  • our podcast, with education and information from industry-leading practitioners 
  • our support emails, sent for the 12 weeks after you receive your results

And we're launching soon, exclusively for Healthpath customers:
  • our community, where like-minded people chat, with guidance from our experts
  • our library, with educational materials on improving gut health

For many people, with low to moderate symptoms, this is more than enough to aid their recovery. We’ve already helped thousands of our customers using this model.

And if you need 1 to 1 support, we're here for you.