I'm used to seeing doctors face-to-face, can I see your practitioner instead of reading their report?

If you need to see a practitioner face-to-face, we can recommend one for you, but as Healthpath is a fully remote company, we use video calls for any additional consultations.

At Healthpath, we work remotely with all our customers. That way, we can give everyone the most value for money.

We’re proud to provide your test at the same price available across the market, privately through practitioners. In addition, you’ll receive:

  • An easy-to-read report of your results
  • Personalised review of symptoms by our practitioners
  • Personalised health plan

Included with your test, we also provide the following Healthpath support:

We are also soon going to launch:

  • Our community, where you can chat with like-minded people, supported by our team of experts 
  • Our library, where you can access educational materials on improving gut health
For many people, with low to moderate symptoms, this support package is more than enough to aid their recovery. We’ve already helped thousands of our customers using this model.

Read how the Healthpath service works

If you've explored all these options and you need more support, you can book a consultation with one of our practitioners.