If your test finds that I have a yeast overgrowth, or a parasite or bacterial infection, do you recommend antibiotics to get rid of it?

If your Gut Health Test results show any overgrowths or imbalances, our practitioner will recommend the best way for you to tackle them.

Once we have received your test results, you'll get a report that will go through your markers and what they mean. You'll also get dietary advice and supplement recommendations.

We use a combination of supplements—targeted antimicrobials—to address any imbalance found in your gut, along with other agents to heal and improve your overall intestinal health.

We don't prescribe or recommend antibiotics as we're not doctors. There's also mixed evidence for the success of antibiotics in treating gut issues as they often cause other imbalances.

Read our blog post: How Long Does It Take For Gut Flora To Restore After Antibiotics? for more information.