If I buy more than one test kit, will I get more than one protocol to follow?

If you buy more than one test, you'll still only get one protocol to follow.

Our practitioner will put together one protocol based on the results of all tests.

It's quite common for our customers to buy more than one test and take them at the same time. Usually, this is one of our Gut Health Tests and a SIBO Test. These two tests actually work very well together: the Gut Health Test gives a comprehensive picture of what's going on in your large intestine, while the SIBO Test picks up bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine.

The results from both of these tests give our practitioners powerful insight into the possible root causes of your symptoms, which they'll use to create your diet, supplement and lifestyle plan.

For example, your Gut Health Test might reveal that you have a high level of inflammation in your large intestine, and your SIBO test might reveal excess levels of hydrogen-producing bacteria in your small intestine. Your practitioner can then address the imbalance in your small intestine while supporting the inflammation in your large intestine at the same time. This protocol would probably be more effective than only addressing one of these outcomes.