I'd like to find out if I have celiac disease, will any of your tests tell me?

None of our tests will not tell you whether or not you have celiac disease, but some can tell you if it's a possibility.

For instance, our food sensitivity tests will only pick up whether or not your body has had an immune response to gluten containing foods, but it can't diagnose you with celiac disease.

There are a few markers on our Gut Health Tests that measure levels of inflammation. Inflammation is present in celiac disease, but it's also present in some other gut conditions, like Crohn's disease. So if your test come back with high levels of inflammation, it's a sign that you need to dig deeper into your gut health.

If you think you have celiac disease, you might want to ask your doctor to test you. Only a celiac test from your doctor can tell you for sure whether you are a celiac or not.