I took my Gut Health Test when my symptoms were good. I'm now having a flare and would like to resubmit my stool, is this possible?

It's not necessary to wait for a time when your symptoms are flaring to do your stool test.

Our Gut Health Tests will pick up imbalances and levels of microbes (including bacteria) in your gut, regardless of how you felt at the time or whether or not you were having a flare-up of your symptoms.

The consistency of your stool on that day, while we ask what it is, isn't critical. The real information comes from the analysis of the stool. The technology used to test your sample will pick up chronic problems in your gut, even if at the time you were having a 'good' day.

With our lab partner, we have quality tested a number of repeat samples over a period of time to ensure that the testing method is robust and accurate, and our results consistently show no difference in markers, except in the case of gastroenteritis, which could potentially change the results.

Try not to worry. Relax and wait for the results, and if you have any concerns, we can help.