I think my sample will be delayed. What can I do?

If your sample has been delayed, don't worry. We'll help you get to it sorted.

We know it's not always easy to return samples on time and postal times vary.

When returning a stool test, aim to get the sample in the post within 24 hours. Other tests are less time-sensitive and can be returned within 48 hours. Always follow your instructions that come with your test as closely as you can. 

If you have returned your sample already, please allow 5 working days for your test sample to arrive in our labs.

If you have not received an update by email or text after 6 workings days, then please contact our customer service team.

Don't worry, transit times are carefully accounted for. If delayed then your sample will still be safe for analyses. On the rare occasion that a sample cannot be analysed then our scientists will alert us that another sample is needed.