I take Colpermin IBS tablets, do I need to stop taking these before the test?

If you take Colpermin IBS tablets, stop taking them before your Gut Health Test and/or your SIBO Test if you can, but it's not crucial.

The peppermint oil in Colpermin has antimicrobial properties and can affect the results of the SIBO Test and our Gut Health Tests.

We recommend stopping this for four weeks before your SIBO Test, but only if it won't exacerbate your symptoms.

For a Gut Health Test,  it's not quite so important to stop taking Colpermin. If you've been taking it for a long time, your microbiome has probably adjusted to it. You should only wait a month after taking peppermint oil if you've used it as an antimicrobial: if you've taken it as a course, rather than a long-term supplement.

If you're taking Colpermin and want to take your SIBO Test, just let us know so our practitioner can take this into consideration when they interpret your test results. 

Let customer services know if you're taking this.