How does your meal delivery work?

Set yourself up for success with science-backed meals from our food delivery partner, Field Doctor.

With meals designed in line with your health plan, you can now stay on track more easily, with delicious, chef-made meals, delivered directly to your door.

Sounds great, right? We think so, too. And you probably want to know even more about this new service from Healthpath.

That’s why we’ve collated all the most common questions about Field Doctor to clear up any queries you might have.

How does it work?

You can buy Field Doctor meals through Healthpath, as you do with tests and supplements. 

Go to ‘Marketplace’, ‘Meal Delivery’ on your Healthpath dashboard, where all the meal options will be displayed. 

Or, go to our shop on our website.

What exactly can I buy from Field Doctor? 

You can browse individual meals, filter by portion sizes, and type of health plan.

You can also filter by food preferences and exclude any foods you wish to avoid (e.g. gluten, crustaceans).

How long does delivery take? 

It takes 2 to 4 days for delivery after purchase, but you will receive confirmation of a specific day soon after ordering, and then an update from DPD when your package is on route. Delivery days will be Tuesday to Saturdays (Wednesdays to Saturdays on bank holiday weeks).

You can use this table below to understand the standard delivery schedule. 

Order day Delivery day
Monday until 12am Wednesday
Tuesday until 12am Thursday
Wednesday until 12am Friday
Thursday until 12am Saturday
Friday / Saturday Tuesday
Sunday (until 12am) Tuesday

You will only receive delivery updates and you will not receive marketing communications. 

Why did Healthpath choose to work with Field Doctor?

When we analysed the market, Field Doctor offered the most suitable meals for clients like you, following health plans. They include specific low FODMAP and Mediterranean options, plus the ability to easily tailor by your needs. 

Field Doctor shares our belief that food can feed your health, and should be delicious at the same time. Everything they do is underpinned by peer-reviewed research, with no myths or over-promises; just simple, honest, validated science. 

The meals are designed by their co-founder and Chief Science Officer, who is also a registered Dietician, along with a chef — so we know they are healthy, delicious and convenient! 

Their low-FODMAP meals have been certified by Monash University, and along with the Mediterranean-inspired dishes, they offer great solutions for both basic gut health protocols and long-term health.

How sustainable is Field Doctor as a company?

Field Doctor takes sustainability seriously, right throughout their process. From meal design, to cooking choices, the fact they freeze their meals and the packaging and delivery methods are all careful and chosen with sustainability in the forefront. 

Is delivery free? 

Yes. There is a minimum order of £50, which includes delivery.

Is there anywhere you don't deliver? 

We are not able to deliver to any locations where the courier cannot guarantee delivery in time while keeping your meals frozen. This includes the Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man and some areas of Cornwall. 

To check if we deliver to your postcode: