How do I collect my stool sample?

Understand how to prepare and take the sample for your Gut Health Test.

Preparing for your test 

timing-01 1. Consider the best day to take your test: you'll need to post the sample to the lab on Monday to Wednesday.
diet-01 2. Follow your normal diet for at least one week before taking the test.
probiotics-01 3. Stop taking any probiotics 3 days before you take the test. Ideally wait 4 weeks after taking antibiotics before you take the test
no-water-01 4. The stool and spoon-lids must not come into contact with water or toilet detergents. Use the stool collector enclosed in the kit.

5. Samples MUST be posted within 12 hours of collection, keep it cool in the meantime, but no need to put them in the fridge.


6. If you have any questions or issues with taking your sample according to the instructions provided, it is important you contact us before you send your sample to the lab. Healthpath cannot guarantee to intercept your sample once it arrives at the lab and so it may still be processed. Contact us on

Taking the test

step1-01 1. Make sure you’ve prepared properly
Read the ‘IMPORTANT: Before you take this test’ box on the first page. Check you have all the test kit contents using the list on the previous page
be-ready 2. Get your test kit ready
Complete the labels provided with your name, date of birth and the date then apply to both test tubes. Two samples are required for the test.


3. Use the toilet
Please do NOT urinate on the stool collector as it will dissolve. If you need to pass urine, do this before attaching the stool collector. Then loop the stool collector over your toilet (check your test instructions for a picture of this). Collect your sample, we have provided two stool collectors, in case you need a backup).  


4. Collect your samples
Put on the gloves. Unscrew the lid from one of the test tubes, and use the spoon to take samples from several different areas of the stool until the test tube is two-thirds full. Repeat process with the other test tube.


5. Secure your samples
Put the test tubes inside the transport tubes. Remove the gloves and use the antibacterial wipe to clean your hands.
post-01 6. Package and post your samples
Along with your patient request form, put the transport tubes inside the pre-paid postage envelope and return to the lab within 12 hours of collection. Please do NOT post on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Make a note of your Tracked 24 tracking number. This can be found under the barcode on the label attached to the envelope.

    Posting your samples 

    calendar-01 1. Only post sample back to the lab on Monday to Wednesday (do not post on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday). 

    2. Hand the samples in at a Post Office branch, rather than simply leaving them in the post box.


    3. Your sample will be sent to our partner in London (please note the tracking number) then sent to our lab in Germany.


    4. You'll receive an update when it arrives in Germany 2- 5 working days after posting.