Your Gut Tests are more expensive than Viome. What do your tests offer that Viome's doesn't?

The biggest difference between us and our main competitors is that with Healthpath, you get so much more than test results.

Our Plan and Packages come with:

  • an easy-to-read report and practitioner feedback
  • an evidence-based food plan
  • a lifestyle program, and
  • a personalised supplement plan, based on your symptoms and test results.
  • a personal video from your practitioner

You won't get this support from anyone else.

Our comprehensive testing comes with an individualised report that is easy to understand by patients and practitioners, with recommendations to put into practice. 

We also give support to our customers throughout their health journey.

Why choose Healthpath?

Here's why you should choose Healthpath, with a chart that compares our Gut Health Tests to some other mainstream stool test providers.

For our Gut Health Tests, we partner with a laboratory in Germany, and we use a range of test methods including qPCr and RNA sequencing. 

The turn around time for testing is usually 10-14 days from receiving your sample, which is a lot faster than our competitors.