Do you test for mould?

Our Gut Health Tests do not look for mould. Instead, we recommend that you work with a practitioner 1 to 1.

Working 1 to 1 with a practitioner will allow them to identify whether mould is likely to be contributing to your symptoms.

We don't look for mould in our stool tests, as this uses a method of testing called culturing. Here at Healthpath, we use a combination of qPCR and 16s rRNA sequencing in all our Gut Health Tests, which are the optimal choices. 

How to test for mould 

A practitioner's preferred option is usually a urine test that looks for mould mycotoxins, which you would need to be working 1 to 1 with a practitioner to order.

Read 'Mould illness: a UK functional medicine approach' by our Functional Medicine Director Alex Manos, for more information on mould illness.