Do I need to do a retest of my Gut Health Test?

It can be useful to do another Gut Health Test some time after your first one to see what's changed, but this depends on your results and your symptoms.

If you tested positive for parasites, pathogenic bacteria or candida, you might want to do another test - either the same Gut Health Test or a specific panel.

When should I do the retest? 

We recommend taking a retest around 6 to 8 weeks after you finish your Healthpath plan,  to see if the imbalances have cleared.

What test should I use? 

It depends on the results of your initial test.

We may be able to recommend a specific panel (for parasites, candida or inflammatory markers) or if you are looking for a broader understanding of the impact of your health plan on your overall gut health, you can re-test more comprehensively with another Gut Health Test. 

Do I need to retest? 

If your symptoms have improved or got much better, it's probably not worth taking a test. 

If your symptoms are still a concern after following your plan, and letting the effects 'settle' for around six weeks afterwards, it might be worth retesting to understand the impact of your plan.

You could also dig deeper with the help of a practitioner in a one-to-one session