Do I need to do a retest of my Gut Health Test?

It can be useful to do another Gut Health Test some time after your first one to see what's changed, but it's not normally necessary.

If you tested positive for parasites, pathogenic bacteria or candida, you might want to do another test at some point to see if these imbalances have cleared, but your symptoms are more important than your test result.

We never look at test results in isolation: two people can get a very similar Gut Health Test result but have very different symptoms. Two people can also react differently to the same protocol.

So if your gut symptoms have gone, or got much better, it's probably not worth taking a test. We recommend eating whole foods with lots of fruits and vegetables of different colours to keep your gut in top shape.

That, along with minimising stress, sugar, alcohol and processed foods is the best way to look after both your large and your small intestine.

If your symptoms are still bothering you after following your protocol and letting the effects 'settle' for around six weeks afterwards, it might be worth digging deeper with the help of a practitioner in a one-to-one session