Could Healthpath help me with my chronic illness?

At Healthpath we practice Functional Medicine, which looks for the root cause of disease. It can certainly help chronic illness, but it's not an instant solution.

Rather than seeking to diagnose and treat disease states, Functional Medicine takes a systems-biology approach to assessing imbalance in individuals. We consider your symptoms, health history, diet, lifestyle and test results to work out what you need to restore balance.

This will vary from individual to individual, and could be anything from a specific nutrient to a relaxation practice.

Functional Medicine is evidence-based and practised by a growing number of medical practitioners worldwide. We firmly believe this approach is the only way to tackle the epidemic of chronic health conditions.

However, we are categorically not a replacement for your doctor. If you feel you have a medical issue that needs attention, it’s important you book an appointment with your GP.


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