I have diverticultis. Can Healthpath help?

Diverticulitis is responsive to diet and lifestyle changes, so our personalised health plans can certainly help.

Optimising your gut health by identifying and addressing any imbalances is a great place to start your journey back to wellness.

At Healthpath, we do this based on your symptoms and test results, using a combination of food, supplements and lifestyle advice from one of our experienced practitioners.

This is included in both our Plan and Package options. 

Causes of diverticulitis

Research has shown that diverticulitis happens alongside changes in your microbiome—the communities of bacteria and other microbes living in your gut—and your general gut environment.

We don’t know which happens first, but we know that they happen together.

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is more common in people with diverticulitis and can worsen the symptoms and the outcome of the disease.

Diverticulitis can be an acute or chronic condition. If you have diverticulitis, or think you might, you should tell your doctor.

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