I have thrush. Can you help?

Recurrent thrush can indicate an imbalanced microbiome, so the symptoms can be very responsive to our gut health protocols.

Did you know that you have a microbiome (a community of bacteria and other microbes) living in your vagina, as well as your gut? While your gut contains by far the highest number of microbes, you have other microbiomes all over and inside your body: your skin, mouth and lungs are a few examples.

The connection between microbiome and thrush

There’s plenty of research now that shows ‘crossover’ between all the microbiomes on and in your body. Thrush is a ‘dysbiosis’ (an imbalance in the bacteria and other microbes in a microbiome) of the vagina. 

For example, there are many recent studies that show the impact of a lower carbohydrate diet on thrush. This is likely to be because certain kinds of carbohydrates feed your gut bacteria. When those bacteria feed, they could be causing your symptoms, either directly in your gut or elsewhere.

Women with stubborn thrush often have dysbiosis in their guts too.

Understanding the root cause of thrush

At Healthpath, our Functional Medicine Practitioners and Nutritional Therapists are experts in optimising gut health through food, supplements and lifestyle choices.

If you’d like to explore the beautiful bacteria in your gut, and how they might be affecting your symptoms of thrush, taking one of our Gut Health Tests is a great idea.

Included with your test

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