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What worms do you test for?

We test for the eight most common worms found in the UK population.

  • Taenia solium and Taenia saginata
  • Tapeworms (Ascaris spp.)
  • Small intestinal roundworms (Enterobius vermicularis)
  • Threadworms or Pinworms (Ancylostoma spp. including especially relevant species: Ancylostoma duodenale)
  • Hookworms (Hymenolepsis spp. (ncluding especially relevant species: Hymenolepsis nana and Hymenolepsis diminuta)
  • Dwarf tapeworms (Trichuris trichiura)
  • Whipworms (Necator americanus)
  • New world hookworms (Strongyloides spp. including especially relevant species Strongyloides stercoralis)
  • Threadworms (Microsporidia and Enterocytozoon spp/Encephalitozoon spp.)