The address label reads 'Freepost HEALTHPATH' so I'm worried the package won't get to you, what can I do?

If you're worried your samples won't get back to us with the label included in your test kit, rest assured that this is the only information the Post Office needs.

Don't worry, your samples will get to us if you use the packaging and label we provided. No further information is needed on the envelope.

If you haven't received a Freepost HEALTHPATH label, please just attach a blank label and handwrite "Freepost HEALTHPATH" on it.

No address is needed as the freepost address is registered to the laboratory address. 

The Freepost HEALTHPATH address goes to a specific sorting office in Nottingham where it is processed. If you put anything else on the address label other than Freepost HEALTHPATH, it goes through a different sorting process and may be delayed.