I'm under 50kg in weight. Does it change how I take my SIBO test?

If you're small and/or light, you should take the SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) test in exactly the same way.

According to the manufacturer of the SIBO collection kit, everyone should take the test in exactly the same way, regardless of age or weight: take the full dose of Lactulose and mix it with 200ml of water.

If you're under 40kg 
For clients who weigh less than 40kg, there's an option to roll down the breath collection bags.

This is for people who might not have the lung capacity to fill the bag. However, this very rarely happens: even children weighing only 10 to 15kg fill the bag with a single breath with no trouble.

While there are instructions on the breath collection bags to roll the end of the bag and staple it along the line corresponding to your bodyweight, this probably isn't necessary.

We guide you through how to take the test on the instructions included in the test kit. If you've lost them, you can download them below.

Read the How Do I Take the SIBO Test page for more information