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How does the Healthpath stool test compare with the Atlas Biomed test?

Healthpath Gut Health Tests are more comprehensive than the Atlas Biomed test.

Our test is a more comprehensive stool analysis as it looks at a full spectrum of intestinal markers, yeasts, parasites and bacteria. It looks at both the DNA of the stool and the cultures it produces in the lab over the course of a week.

Our Advanced Gut Health Test and Ultimate Gut Health Test also looks at leaky gut.

The Atlas Biomed test is a microbiome test and only looks at the DNA of the bacteria, so it's less comprehensive.

In addition to the test itself, with a Healthpath test, you also receive: 
  • any easy-to read report
  • a review of your symptoms by an experienced practitioner
  • a personalised health plan, with food, supplement and lifestyle advice 

This is a completely unique service, available only through Healthpath. Learn more about how Healthpath works below.